“Prosperity without social collective welfare Is more of a liability than an asset as you become the victim
Success and Failure is based on Reason and Reality
Reason is deep critical Analysis, assessment and mind adjustment to the prevailing circumstances and challenges realistically at hand in all life aspects.
Reality is what it is not what you Ought it to be.”

About Us

We are a Ugandan based multinational industrial privately owned conglomerate, founded by Mr. Hamis Kiggundu trading in: Real Estates, Property development, Agro Proccessing, Education, Hosoitality and Accommodation, Transportation and Logistics, Social Media Platforms and general merchandise
Ham Group is one of the largest conglomerates in Uganda with over 15 subsidiaries operating in; England[Manchester], United States of America [California and Texas], Canada[Edmonton] U.A.E [Dubai] and South Africa [Johannesburg] directly and indirectly employing in excess 7000 people.
The group started in 2005 as a trading enterprise, As a middle schooler, his parents endowed him with adequate capital to initiate a business. This provided him with the opportunity to cultivate his entrepreneurial spirit. Thus, he embarked on a modest venture, procuring goods from reputable importers overseas and reselling them at a profit.
As his capital increased, he ventured into the realm of importing, bringing commodities from nations like China, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Dubai to Uganda and its neighboring countries. He made a profit from the wholesale distribution and reinvested it into his venture: real estate. Buying and selling land and properties at a profit, he accumulated enough wealth to incorporate Ham Enterprises (U) Ltd and pursue his next ambition of constructing and owning commercial properties.
The Group has established a multimedia platform company, Hamz Link Ltd, based in Edmonton, Canada, and has used this company to launch several innovative projects. These include Hamz, a video streaming app, Hamz Pay, a digital payment and money remitence platform, Hamz Campus, an online learning platform, and Hamz Line, a social media platform. His ambitious and innovative projects have been a huge success, further establishing our reputation as a successful tech conglomerate.

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